Friday, October 21, 2011

to gtown i go - bus bantah

we haven't even left the station and the oily, lunchbox chicken is out!'s gonna be a long one! Another chick is suckling on her tropika, making for a dodgy starting ambiance to the trip. The little black lever which controls whether or not you want aircon and how strong, is brokkken rendering me choiceless in the matter. No doubt this will become a more pertinent issue when we are cruising mid morning through the biting karoo.

some loud mouth in front is talking some serious politics. Comparing julius malema to chris hani but saying julius is rude and arrogant. He says there's nothing wrong with saying "jacob zuma, you are wrong", but the shit julius gets up to is just profane and ridiculous. i'm listening a bit closer. I think he's now declaring how you need a wife to become president - so you dont lose your marbles. "What about Mugabe? says someone." Eish..the talk ceases slightly.

the chick is still slurping. Yoh. is tropika really that good. I counter her by slurping on my strawberyy yogisip. Bang! She looks around. Tick. bus disturbance #1 conquered...for now. Unfortunately nothing one can do about the aircon and the chicken odour. we're pulling out of park station now. It took me 3 minutes on the gautrain from sandton to rosebank, from where i caught a gau-bus (whats the point in calling it a gautrain bus) to park station in 20 minutes...IN RUSH HOUR. Amazing. Very impressed. R25 in total.

Sun setting over jozi...pretty. The dvd is starting - intro music a predictable RnB beat..will report back on the plot soon. Watch this space for more updates. (battery dependent)


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