Saturday, March 21, 2009

where am i?

my eyes flicker... blinking, i stare into the pink horizon, framed by the silhouttes of the first significant mountains i've seen. Down on one side of the valley the glimmer leads off into a mountain range, on the other , into a thousand lights..bright, man made lights...what have we done to the place? its strangely beautiful.

orange and yellow fills the bottom of this huge valley, contrasts with the surrounding darkness; a battle between day and night. My eyes are still tired, hazey...the interuption of light bounces in the fog on the windscreen. On the other side a frosted up field is beautifully intensified by the hope of light. Light, that is, from the sun; natural. The juxtaposition is strong; light, dark, human, nature.

my vision is clearer now. Wiping the sleep from my eyes, i slowly awake. I am on a bus...where to again?...
Ah, and then i see...down where the lights fade into the black of the night, overwhelmed by what is lurking, the sun, in all its glory, introduces the most majestic sight...there...outlining and framing it all, lit in the dense distance by the natural warmth...sits the mountain..beautiful, natural, perfect.

I am on a going home...i am going to cape town.

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